Hydronic Heating Geelong

Hydronic Heating Geelong

Hydronic Heating Geelong – Hydronic Heating Specialists

Hydronic heating is an eco-friendly and cost effective European heating system that uses natural convection to heat your home. Hot water (heated by natural gas, LPG, solar hot water, heat pumps, wood fired stoves, etc.,) is pumped through underfloor pipes or slimline panel radiators, providing a constant warmth that’s 24 times as efficient as ducted air.

Hydronic heating panels are dust free and safe to touch. They offer precise temperature control, an even distribution of heat, flexible zoning options and WIFI control. Hydronic heaters are a stylish and healthy solution for heating your home.

With more than 30 years’ experience installing hydronic heating systems in the UK and Australia, we can retro-fit your Geelong residential property with radiator heating or perform a custom install in your new build home.

Hydronic Heating Geelong


5 years warranty on workmanship


10 years manufacturer warranty on radiators


5 years manufacturer warranty on boilers

All hydronic heating services 

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Power Flushing

All employees are police checked and have working with children certificate.



Routine Maintenance

Power Flushing

Geelong Hydronics – New Hydronic Installations

As highly experienced plumbers and hydronic heating specialists, we are the leading licenced and qualified installers of hydronic heating systems in Geelong. We can install hydronic heating systems in new-build homes or retro-fit hydronic heating radiators into existing residential homes.

Hydronic heating installations are a wonderful addition to any home, whether you select standard panel radiators or opt for designer panels. At Geelong Hydronics, we only install premium European products; our boilers and radiators are designed and manufactured in Italy, so you know they are top quality.

Hydronic heating pipes are fitted underneath stumped houses or through the walls and ceilings of concrete slab homes (we can also install them in the slabs of new builds). Why not call the hydronic heating experts today on 0455 110 311 and ask for a free on-site evaluation and quote?

New Hydronic System Installations

Hydronic Repairs

Geelong Hydronics – Repairs

As Geelong hydronic heating repairs specialists, we provide residential homeowners with an expert service and repairs help line. Whilst hydronic heating systems are one of the most reliable forms of heating, regular servicing is recommended to keep these systems working efficiently.

That’s why we offer an annual hydronic boiler service that keeps your heating humming along nicely and your family comfortable all winter long. Hydronic heating repairs, however, are occasionally needed, so we provide a priority repair service in Geelong. Our trucks are fully stocked with all the spare parts we could possibly need to ensure that your hydronic heating is up and running again as soon as possible.

Why not call our service, maintenance and repair line on 0455 110 311 and talk to one of our experienced plumbers today?

Geelong Hydronics – Hydronic Heating Maintenance

Annual hydronic heating system maintenance will prolong the life of your hydronic heating system and keep it operating at optimal levels. As Geelong hydronic heating specialists, we have found that regular servicing identifies potential problems that are easily fixed. This prevents small problems turning into larger and more expensive repair issues down the track.

It’s also important for you to remember that your boiler’s five year warranty will be voided if the system isn’t serviced annually; hydronic heating servicing is a basic requirement that protects your long term investment. However, at the same time we service your hydronic heaters, we can also perform a flue-gas analysis to ensure that your boiler is optimised to run as efficiently as possible.

Why not call our hydronic heating maintenance and service line on 0455 110 311 and talk to one of our experienced plumbers today?

Routine Maintenance

Power Flushing

Geelong Hydronics – Power Flushing

Hydronic heating power flushing is an important part of keeping your hydronic heating system running smoothly. That’s because, over time, a build-up of sludge, debris and limescale can accumulate in the pipes and panel radiators. This accretion can damage your system and significantly reduce its operating efficiency.

If your hydronic heaters haven’t been serviced for at least a year, then it’s time to call the hydronic heating experts in Geelong to perform a hydronic heating flush. An annual flush to your closed loop heating system ensures that your family remains toasty warm, all winter long.

Flushing radiant heating systems is one of our specialities and with more than 30 years’ experience, we know exactly how to keep your hydronic heating system running at optimum levels. Call us on 0455 110 311 and book a hydronic heating power flushing service today.


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